Overview of Jasmine O Interiors​​​​​​​
Jasmine O Interiors is a personal freelancing business focusing on modern and contemporary interior design.
"How might we create a logo that reflects the designer's style as a freelance interior designer?"​​​​​​​
Jasmine O Interiors.
During our initial conversation, Jasmine stated that she wanted a modern logo that is elegant and timeless. She also wanted her name and company to be clearly visible with contrasting colors that can be used for future branding.  
After the brief, I immediately researched interior design firms and freelancers with established branding and marketing. I was able to compile a list of my favorites and presented them to Jasmine for her approval. I concluded that a monogram style logo was the correct direction in order to meet Jasmine's goals.
Since Jasmine is an interior designer, I first sketched her initials in a grid format to reflect perspective drawings. I also experimented with combining her initials to create other unique shapes.
After sketching out several versions and reviewing them with the Jasmine, I proceeded to create them on Illustrator. I made sure to refer back to the brief so I didn't go off Jasmine's vision. 
Final Product
Once Jasmine decided on her favorite version, I proceeded to adding color. After going through many color combinations with Jasmine, she was satisfied with gold (typography), light fuchsia (monogram), and navy blue (background) to complete her timeless and modern logo. The colors also work well for future marketing and branding.

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