San Francisco State University Strike History
The SF State College Strike, also referred to as the Third World Strike, was a student-led protest against the lack of representation and overall neglect of indigenous peoples and people of color within the College's curriculum and programs.
During the Strike, students at SF State created posters visually communicating the strike’s mission by expressing ideas and emotions. The posters expressed what words and action could not. They filled-in the gaps and added to the passion of the strike.
The task was to create a poster depicting the theme of inequity using the Riso printer, capable of
printing using only blue and red inks.
The team chose to focus on the issue of immigration. We collected cutouts of various terms, words, and
images to be used in creating the poster. The team then created a collage of the poster on 11"x17" paper.
Playing with the typography and layout was fun because we discovered all the possibilities of using a Riso printer. We later scanned our posters and made revisions in Illustrator. Once we had our scans, each member from each team created their own version of the poster with the scanned elements.
Final Poster
Social Media Post
The final part of the project was to create a social media post using the elements from the poster. 

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